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By December 10, 2016July 19th, 2017archive

Witness the birth of a terrifying ego.  Set in post-World War One France, this sinister and utterly gripping story of a privileged, petulant 10-year-old fated to become a fascist dictator exerts a lethal grip.  

France, 1918. A U.S. diplomat (played by Irish actor Liam Cunningham, well known for his role in Game of Thrones) is involved in the drawing up of the Treaty of Versailles while his wife (Bérénice Bejo), repressed and unhappy, is alarmed by their son’s increasingly destructive behaviour.  Divided into three chapters, each dealing with the continuing aggressive and manipulative tantrums of the boy, it is an observation of the creation of tyranny. We know from the outset that something is very, very wrong.

Brady Corbet’s directorial debut feature is a huge, meaty, European drama, a case study in domestic and political crises, in the hypocrisy and cruelty of adults.  Tom Sweets performance as the young aggressor is chilling, menacing and brilliant.

“A riveting, heart-clutching moral ghost-train ride for right now.” ★★★★★ – The Telegraph

“A stunning high-art debut.  Brady Corbet’s ambitious directorial debut features great performances, arresting visuals and a fantastic score by Scott Walker.”  ★★★★ – Irish Times


UK, France 2015 | Language: English | 115 minutes | Cert: Club

Director: Brady Corbet    

Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Liam Cunningham, Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin, Tom Sweet