Welcome back, Cork Cine Club Friends!

We’re returning with a full-on, ten-film season beginning on Thursday 28 September. 

Over the next months we’ll bring you the best of world cinema from France, Egypt, France, USA, Spain, France, Japan, Belgium, Ireland and France.

Did you notice that we mentioned France ‘quatre fois’? We’ve a bumper crop of four fabulous French films!

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  • Rise [France]
    RISE [France], Thursday 28 September, 8pm
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  • Cairo Conspiracy [Egypt]
    CAIRO CONSPIRACY [Egypt], Thursday 5 October, 8pm
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  • Love According to Dalva [France]
    LOVE ACCORDING TO DALVA [France/Belgium], Thursday 12 October, 8pm
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  • War Pony [USA}
    WAR PONY [USA], Thursday 19 October, 8pm
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  • The Beasts, Spain, 26 Oct
    THE BEASTS [Spain], Thursday 26 October, 8pm
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  • The Night of the 12th [France]
    THE NIGHT OF THE 12th [France], Thursday 9 November, 8pm
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  • Plan 75 [Japan]
    PLAN 75 [Japan], Thursday 16 November, 8pm
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  • Close [Belgium]
    CLOSE [Belgium], Thursday 23 November, 8pm
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  • Lola [Ireland/UK]
    LOLA [Ireland/UK], Thursday 30 November, 8pm
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  • The Innocent [France]
    THE INNOCENT [France], Thursday 7 December, 8pm
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