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TANGERINES [MANDARIINID, Estonia, Georgia] – Thursday 7 April, 8pm

By January 2, 2016July 29th, 2016archive, Season 14 Films

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee about Georgian farmers caught up in a bloody civil war is touching, moving and suspenseful.

Set during the brutal 1992 Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, Zaza Urushadze’s anti-war story roots itself in the neutral viewpoint of elderly an Estonian farmer, Ivo.

After a shootout between Georgian soldiers and Checen mercenaries near the local tangerine orchard, Ivo finds himself nursing two wounded men from opposite sides in his small house. As both men get better and Ivo remains stoically neutral, refusing to allow bloodshed under his own roof, the stage is set for a brilliant examination of conflict and humanity.

Strong performances and an atmospheric soundtrack add to this simple yet tense and emotionally-powerful piece.

Estonia, Georgia, 2013 | Language: Estonian| 89 minutes | Cert: CLUB

Director: Zaza Urushadze

Starring:  Lembit Ulfsak, Elmo Nüganen, Giorgi Nakashidze